1. How much do you charge to review a case?

Your initial consultation is Free. Some cases require investigating your legal need before formal representation and would be discussed during your initial consultation.

2. What do I do if I just RECEIVED a DUI/DWI?

Save your money! Discontinue paying for unnecessary expenses. A DWI is an expensive charge to face with or without an attorney. You should always consult an attorney, most will offer a free consult. Talk with an attorney within a few days of being arrested. You have rights which may be lost such as an administrative hearing if you do not follow procedures timely. Have a battle plan before you go to war.

3. Can I beat the DWI if I refused to submit a breath sample?

It depends the other facts and circumstances surrounding the arrest. The results from the breath test are only one piece of evidence the prosecution would attempt to use to prove its case against you. It is your right to refuse to offer evidence against yourself. 

4. should i get uninsured/underinsured motorists (UM) coverage?

Yes! It is usually not much more expensive than not, but it can help you if there is not enough insurance to cover your need if involved in a personal injury case. 


Because of my medical background I have experience communicating with medical professionals and interpreting medical documents. This can be essential if your case requires the use of an expert to explain to the judge and jury your medical condition.  

6. how do i keep from going to jail if i get pulled over for a dwi?

 Whether you go to jail or not depends on if the officer subjectively has probable cause to arrest you. That means by a "totality of the circumstances"  he thinks that you've probably committed a crime in his presence.   

7. What areas does your practice cover?

 East Baton Rouge Parish, West Baton Rouge Parish, Jefferson Parish, and Orleans Parish.


Call (225) 279-7304 with any additional questions you may have.